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Emma and Eddie started their webcamming career in 2011. Since then they have been Top Models (earning $10K+ monthly) for over 7 years. 

Emma has consistently impressed with her uncanny ability to attract and entertain audiences and monetize on her personal brand.

Meanwhile Eddie has created multiple income streams through membership websites, affiliate marketing, amateur content programs, merchandising and dozens of other projects. 

Together they have have won Best Live Cam Couple four times at the Live Cam Awards and will be hosting the awards show in 2020.  

They have been featured in 2 documentary series on webcamming, recently finished a docu-fiction short film and are currently shooting a full feature documentary with HBO in Europe. 

As a coach Emma has personally trained over 20 people to make money as webcam performers.

Now the brilliant pair of live cam entrepreneurs has distilled their years of knowledge and experience in to this easy to follow step by step guide to building a webcamming business from the ground up.


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How to Build a Webcamming Business with Multiple Streams of Income

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by Eddie and Emma Lovett